Some Facts That Scare You From S3x


Some Facts That Scare People From S3x

S*x is one of the most enjoyable things that exist on this planet. You can have it whichever way you want to; spooning, doggy style, 69 wise, the booty pop way, the golden globes way or even ride your way into the night.

Some men love to make their ladies gush a waterfall, a thing some fondly call squirting. By the way, did you know that there to help you become a professional squirter? LMAO…I bumped into one the other day. The only downside is that you won’t get a certificate.

Anyways, moving on real quick, there are things that make couples afraid of s*x. Or at least, one of the parties who engage in the romping spree. There are sooo many things that people are afraid of, but I’ll concentrate on the pertinent few; the ones that I’ve been told about over and over by my closest friends.


Big d*cks
Every single girl that I’ve ever conversed with about s*x tells me that they love big d*cks, because none loves mediocre. However, the reality is, there’s no way you would settle for a monster d*ck. These ones are extremely long and look like the fourth leg of a man. Most girls I know wouldn’t want to fall in the trap of a metaphoric pornstar, who will make them feel like they are giving birth…constipated between their legs or as if their cervix is being pricked!

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2. STD Infections

Whether it is HIV/AIDS or STIs, many people fear that their partners might infect them with infect them. These diseases are dreaded by many. Unless you really don’t give a f*ck about your life, you’ll allow a stranger or your cheating partner to sleep with you without protection. I honestly recommend that you use Trust Condoms anytime you go out there f*cking. No matter how fine that guy or that chick is, don’t ever take a risk with your life!

3. Premature Ejaculation

This may be brought by among many issues, anxiety during s*x, an unfavorable place to have s*x or being under pressure during a threesome or foursome. It can be a health condition or disorder, too. Whatever the case, many people fear to disappoint their partners by leaving them horny and tortured.

4. Oversized p*ssy

I was just talking to a close pal of mine about this earlier in the morning. I told about how I was disappointed after attempting to finger a girl but she wasn’t feeling anything. She wasn’t reacting. I went in with three fingers and finally four…it was all a tunnel my frien’. Trust me, there’s nothing as frustrating as f*cking an oversized p***y. It lowers your self esteem by 1000 folds. That’s why men fear this happening to them!

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5. Condom Leakages

The trick to preventing this from happening is using ONLY one condom. Some guys think that if they use two they are warding off infections in a better way than one who use one piece. However, the sad truth is that condoms are more likely to burst if used together. The friction makes them wear and tear. To get rid of this fear, only use one Trust Condom.

6. Not Good Enough

Ever heard of couples who broke up and started claiming that one of them never satisfied the other during s*x? It could be the size of the manhood or the fact that the lady didn’t get wet enough. This is one of the things that people fear in relationships; failing to satisfy one another.

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