Asia Actresses Break The Internet With Farting Entertainment (Video)


Asia Actresses Break The Internet With Farting Entertainment

Farting Entertainment: So where else can you find a video of three Japanese pornstars treating fans to a flatulence performance?

The bizarre show, held at Tokyo’s Lefkada theatre on Saturday, saw adult film actresses Reno Aihara, Miu Akemi and Meru Iroha fart in front of an audience of fans who all paid around £20 for the pleasure.

All three actresses used a microphone to help make their performances audible for the crowd, with help from the host, and everyone was happy to listen – while one person even used his smartphone to record.

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They adopted bizarre poses in a bid to break wind, later stripping down to bikinis, while successful attempts were met with cheers and clapping from everyone there.

Called ‘Let’s All Hear Beautiful Girls Farts Together’, the packed programme promised ‘various styles of farts, such as farts while wearing street clothes, farts while wearing swimsuits, and farts while wearing cosplay outfits will stimulate your sense of sight and smell’.

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SoraNews24 reported earlier this month organisers vowed the girls will ‘fart to the limits of their intestines’ for the enjoyment of ‘Japan’s 120 million fart fans’.

The three also made an appearance on Japanese TV in August, on a programme called ‘The Fart Program’.

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